WCF Valais Wool Nesting Balls

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Handcrafted wool-filled bird nesting balls make great additions to your bird feeding areas and gardens, and are a wonderful gift for the bird and sheep lovers in your life! Our bird nesting balls are created here at Winchester Creek Farm from all-natural dye-free wool from the our Valais sheep. Birds take what they need to line their nests. Wool-lined nests provide eggs and baby birds with a soft bed. They also helps keep them warm and dry. To hang, secure to a tree branch or a hook where birds can reach it. It helps to place it next to where birds gather for food or water.

Colors of the fiber are all natural. Each one is unique. We mix wool, which may come in different colors, from our herd of Valais cross sheep. 100% dye-free wool, 4" untreated grapevine ball, and 36" attached twine to hang ball. `

Comes packaged in organza gift bag with a product tag with instructions.

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