Door County Coffee-1.5 oz.

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Take the time and hassle out of brewing the perfect cup of coffee with these full pot coffee bags. If you are a coffee drinker seeking a cup of a consistently good pot of coffee to start each day along with a great variety, look no further! These best-selling coffees are available for you in a convenient full-pot bag. The full pot coffee bags are great to be used at home or at the office! Enjoy a different and fun coffee for weeks on end!

To obtain high-quality coffee, Door County Coffee has contracted with their importer for 27 years, they work directly with small family farms in the growing regions. They selected their importer based on their strong ethical practices and continuation on helping develop plantations. They gladly pay a premium for their arabica beans-as this ensures a good living for the workers and allows the farm to grow with them. Their business is more than coffee, it is also about growing and developing people. They use the best coffee in the world starting with the best class of arabica coffee beans, Specialty Grade 1 Arabica. 

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