Ditty Bird Baby Sound Book: Canciones de Animales en Español

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Canciones de Animales en español features 6 catchy songs about animals, from cows to elephants to frogs! A great tool for teaching your little ones the animals in Spanish and sure to inspire some dance parties!

-la vaca Lola,

-un elefante se balanceaba,

-en la granja de mi tío

-el baile de la ranita


-los pollitos dicen Canciones de animales en español es un libro con 6 divertidas canciones sobre animales.

Es un lindo libro para ayudarle a tus chiquitines a aprender sobre los animales y empezar a aprender el español. An interactive musical songbook for baby, toddler, 1-3 years old: read, listen and sing along as ditty bird sings your favorite songs. Educational toy language development: reciting and singing nursery rhymes is a great way to support children's language learning. The engaging electronic push buttons help build early language ability and fine motor skills. Batteries are included in the book. Weight - 0.56 pounds.

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